Eco-Friendly & Frugal Recycling Idea for Broken Concrete

An Ingenious Use of Broken Concrete
for an Awesome Driveway or Garden Path That’s Eco-Friendly!
Help the Environment by Recycling in this Novel Way.

Have you ever given any thought to what happens to all the concrete that gets removed from residential and commercial place – like driveways or sidewalks in neighborhoods; or street or highways or huge parking lots; or building demolisions? Concrete just doesn’t evaporize into thin air! It stays around forever, basically. Those broken chunks are used to make man-made reefs, along with scrap iron and other extremely long-lived trash materials. So, how can we recycle broken concrete and give it a new purpose?

Removing broken concrete from a driveway. Continue reading

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Grow Mint From Cuttings Part 2 – Frugal Gardening Tip

How to Grow Mint & Other Herbs from Cuttings from Your Garden or Store Bought Produce – Part 2

A while back I wrote about a frugal way to grow mint from cuttings. This gardening tip is really pretty age-old. I mean, it’s really one of the simpliest propagation techniques you could ever wish to make use of.

Cuttings from established plants either in your garden or a friend’s garden (or maybe ummm … “borrowed” from a plant growing somewhere else) are usually the way you can get free cuttings. But another way is that many fresh herb cuttings found in the produce section of most grocery stores are able to be rooted. So, since I wanted to have fresh mint growing in my garden this year I used two healthy looking mint stems from a small container I’d bought a couple of days before. Continue reading

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Grow Mint From Cuttings – Frugal Gardening Tip

Grow Mint & Other Herbs from Cuttings from Your Garden or Store Bought Produce

I love to save money in whatever ways I can and being frugal in my gardening pursuits is no exception. So, since I needed some fresh mint for a tabbouleh recipe I was making … and I didn’t have any growing in my garden (yet), I had to buy some at the grocery store.


Did you know you can root many store bought herbs, if they still have fresh, viable stems? You don’t have to depend only on cuttings from your garden to propagate more herb plants. Continue reading

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